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In the biomass segment ENC Energy is using biological aerobe and anaerobe processes (digestion and fermentation) to produce bio-ethanol, liquid CO2, bio-gas, electricity and heat. In this we work closely together with industrial partners, research centres and universities.

Together with our partners, we actively developing new technologies for the conversion of biomass (waste as well as energy crop) into bio-ethanol and bio-methanol.

One of these technologies is the lingo cellulose conversion.
Here we focus on broadening the usable resources of feed material for our production processes, which will enable us to replace food (wheat, corn, beets e.g.) by agricultural biomass waste (straw e.g.) and man grown energy crop such as elephant grass.

We continuously work on efficiency improvement of biomass to biogas conversions, as well as on the conversion of bio-gas into electricity and heat.
Which will results in lower requirement of biomass input.

At the same time we develop and improve operational systems for the separation and recuperation of minerals out of the various downstreams, resulting in the availability of reclaimed concentrated minerals (raw material for chemical and process industry). It also results in wider application options for the downstream biomass.

More information about our bio-energy approach and bio-energy systems can be found on our dedicated website.
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