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What is Clean Coal Combustion Technology (CCCT)?

Clean Coal Combustion Technology makes it possible to use coal as fuel for producing electricity and / or heat and minimizing the environmental and habitat (dust, smell) effects which are a result of burning coal.

CCCT is based on the latest high-tech developments in coal treatment, combustion technology, boiler design, filter technology e.g.
Limitations of available combustion technology!

The common available and widely used types of “Clean Coal combustion” , like fluidized bed, circulating fluidized bed, pressurized fluidized bed, atmospheric-pressure bubbling fluidized bed and Pulverized Coal, are mostly designed (and working well) if used for high capacity (150 MW and upwards) power generation. Making them less applicable for stand-alone use at a factory-site, a district heating site or in a rural application, in which situations lower capacities (1 – 50 MWth) are required.

Another downfall of the above mentioned types are their limitations in the use of coal with a broad quality (and caloric value) range. They mostly function acceptable to well, i.e. stable burning, when one is using medium to high grade coal, with low humidity and low solid component content.

Hence, they use an expensive fuel, which most likely needs to be dried and/or upgraded prior to use. Unit dimensions, investment levels and specialized operator requirements are other aspects which makes is less feasible to use the widely available Clean Combustion technologies in low power (<50 MWth) applications.

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