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ENC Energy

ENC Industry

Green Power and Clean Power

ENC Energy, a division of ENC Industry, is global active in the field of sustainable, renewable and environmental friendly power generation and bio-fuel production.

Our activities include:
Consultancy, system design, engineering, manufacturing, construction.
In this, we can act as advisor, project developer, project manager, contractor or turn-key supplier. Where required, ENC Energy is utilizing the experience and resources of ENC Industry.

Project depending ENC Energy might be interested in participation /
co-financing of the project, or even built and operate a project.

ENC Energy is specialized in two power segments:
• Green Power (biomass based), producing bio-ethanol, bio-gas, electricity and heat
• Clean Power (coal based), producing electricity and/or heat

For both segments we have developed and engineered processes and systems with as main characteristics:
• High efficiency
• Reliability
• Easy to operate
• Broad range of input material
• Low energy costs

Although it is quite common that subsidies are required to be able to operate a bio-energy profitable, our activities are based on our strong believe that each installation and system will operate profitable without the use of subsidies e.g..
This will insure profitable operation during the lifetime of the installation, independent of (political) changes in the subsidy format.

Available subsidies will be acquired and utilized to increase the profitability.